Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trends in Engineering Consulting - In a time of Budget Crises

As the economy sours and state and local governments are squeezed there is fear that consulting work will decline. Although this has been at least somewhat true, we in the ITS world should see this as an opportunity because we have a solution that can be marketed as a cost saver. Concrete, asphalt and steel are becoming more expensive and funds for new roads and even maintenance are more scarce. The Feds are asking the States and locals to pay more of their share. Cost/Benefit ratios for ITS projects are easy to present to a client. There is one other trend I believe we will see more and more. The trend I expect to see is agencies coming to consultants with tasks to help them work smarter and more economically. This is really what engineering is all about in a nutshell, really. As consultants we will have a chance to do some thinking and brainstorming to come up with some creative solutions.