Wednesday, September 12, 2007

HOV Expansion and Truck-Only Tolling

In the Atlanta metro area traffic is a problem and even with a myriad of consultants in the area doing traffic and ITS work the demand is such that new alternative solutions must be considered and implemented.

There are plans and discussions to convert some of the HOV lanes on I-85 north toward South Carolina to managed lanes - High Occupancy Tolling (HOT). They would still be HOV-2 but single occupancy vehicles could pay to drive in the HOV lane. The rate would be regulated by the same type of toll tag that is used on the GA 400 toll road. However, how one could regulate whether the vehicle has more than one passenger is a challenge to overcome.

On I-75 north toward Chattanooga and on I-20 west toward Birmingham, there have been plans and discussions on adding Truck-Only Toll (TOT) lanes - lanes that would effectively segregate trucks from other vehicles. The benefit would be that vehicle traffic congestion could be reduced and safety should improve. in addition, the dedicated truck lane would be wired for both tolling and weight and size regulation (PrePass).

A study on both options can be found at this link:

A local Cobb County (I-75 north area) citizens website discusses the HOT project

I was responsible for table topics at my Northpark Toastmasters: and I raide a question about these two issues. The responses were generally in favor but one person suggested that the purpose of the HOV lane would be defeated in that no longer would single passengers be discouraged (other than financially) from driving alone. He asserted that the goal of removing cars from the roads to improve air quality would be gone. Another speaker suggested a pay to speed policy that woud raise tax revenue based on how fast vehicles drove.

I personally believe that the next phase of traffic management will include a significant of privatization and/or tolling.---JKG


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