Friday, September 07, 2007

My Entry into the ITS World

I have not posted in 10 months. During that time I was able to successfully gain employment in the ITS field. It is my dream job and I am really happy. I spent the last 6 months getting acclimated to my new job and I have been learning a lot about the business and I have been involved in some neat projects. During this time I thought about whether to blog, what to include in an ITS blog, etc... I have decided on the following groundrules for this blog for myself.

1) I will not discuss any proprietary information on future business opportunities or on active projects.
2) My posts will be similar to what one might hear or discuss at a meeting of a transportation-related group meeting.
3) I will talk about current events related to ITS and traffic
4) Due to my proximity to Atlanta, our traffic situation will get more air play than other cities.
5) I will attempt to talk about what other states and maybe countries are doing in the area of ITS
6) I will talk about current and future technology and the possible practical application of these.

Comments are encouraged and appreciated.

My goal is to post about once a week but more or less often as my situation dictates.



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